Kristie Kull, LMT, Reiki II

Kristie Kull - MassageI have always had an interest in health, healing and wellness.


As a graduate of The Pennsylvania State University and Cortiva Institute, I studied kinesiology, anatomy, physiology, pathology and massage.  I am passionate about massage because not only does it feel good, it can assist the body in healing.  I believe there is a strong connection between mind, body and spirit.  When one is out of balance, all will be effected.  Our bodies will communicate when there is a problem or imbalance and we will feel pain, lack of energy, disharmony.


Chiropractic and massage are complimentary disciplines.  People who are in pain want one thing, to be out of pain.  Massage therapy and chiropractic care together helps to reduce pain, stiffness and stress and helps to improve circulation, immune strength and good posture.  Typical positive results include the improvement of circulation, increased immune strength, better posture, and pain reduction, resulting in a less stressful life with a more desirable physical and spiritual presence.


I am also a reiki practitioner.  Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that helps to promote healing.  After years of experiencing reiki on myself, I decided I wanted to become a reiki practitioner so that I could share my passion with others.


I want to assist others in their healing journey by utilizing the many techniques and therapies I have learned.  My goal is to teach others that our bodies have their own innate abilities to heal themselves.


I look forward to assisting you on your journey.