GOOD HEALTH: Ensuring It During the “Flu Season”

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Flu season is a misnomer. Even though more people succumb to bugs in winter, there really aren’t any more viruses around during cold weather than at any other time. The difference is our immune system’s resistance to them. Several easily controlled factors can increase that resistance and improve your likelihood of keeping healthy.



What’s different in winter than in summer? As far as resistance to viruses and other bugs, the most important thing missing is exposure to sunshine. The sun provides us with vitamin D, a vital nutrient for your immune system. So, as soon as fall comes around, replace the missing sunshine with the whole food source vitamin D from cod liver oil. In lemon- flavored pearls, you won’t even taste it. It will also help with Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD – commonly known as the winter blues.


In winter, we eat less fresh fruits and vegetables. Make your body inhospitable to bugs by avoiding the foods that feed them. Bugs thrive on sugar and sugar- producing foods, mainly starches and grain-based food. Avoid these and eat as much of a “real food” diet as possible. In winter, we drink less water and, combined with the drying effects of heating units, dehydration is more likely. Mucous membranes that are dry and more brittle are less protective from invasion by bugs.



Use a vaporizer in your bedroom and increase your water intake. In winter, we breathe more stagnant and contaminated air because we are closed in. Circulate air with a ceiling fan on low setting and allow fresh air into your home, even if for a few minutes a day.



A more aggressive preventive strategy should also include herbal support. One of the best natural anti-infective plants that can help with bacteria and even tuberculosis is garlic. Hundreds of therapeutic properties have been attributed to garlic.



Echinacea root has a powerful effect for a well-balanced immune response. This is not an anti- infective like garlic or golden seal – it is immune support. Fennel seed capsules or tea protect both respiratory and digestive function, both of which have been challenged with the viruses that are around right now.


My favorite immune support whole food supplements are Immuplex and Congaplex They contain the vital nutrients that your immune system needs to stay strong.



After all this, remember that the latest research is revealing that a large part of your immune system resides in your gut microbiome – what we used to call the friendly bacteria. Keeping the health of those organisms improves yours. A good probiotic like Prosymbiotic from will do the job.


Speaking of your bowels, a change in bowel habits is often a first sign that something is brewing. As the famous herbalist Dr. Schmidt used to say, keep your bowels moving at all costs. Use a cascara sagrada- based herbal laxative at the first sign of constipation.


For more on flu prevention, refer to my article in the September/ October, 2013 issue of the Dance Spotlight, “Before the Hoopla for the Flu Vaccine Starts-Some Facts about Real Flu Prevention.” By the way, everything I said then about the vaccine is multiplied for the new high-potency flu vaccine. Stay healthy and see you on the dance floor.



About the Author: Dr. Collings is an alternative health practitioner, she utilizes only natural remedies. Her offices are located at 120 W. Germantown Pike, Suite 210 in the Meetinghouse Business Center in Plymouth Meeting, PA. For more information, visit her website:



Download this article as a PDF: “GOOD HEALTH: Ensuring It During the ‘Flu Season’

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