Emotional Well-being: A Critical Component of the Triad of Health

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The triad of health includes our structure, our chemistry and our emotions. Structure and chemistry are evident disruptors of health covered extensively in many articles. This will focus on the more subtle side of the triangle: our emotions – the emotional stresses that can disrupt our health can present in every area of life.


A moderate amount of stress can actually be a positive thing, but, when it overwhelms our adaptive capacity, it can cause almost any health problem. Anxiety, sleeplessness, digestive distress, weight gain, it can exacerbate any pre-existing health problem, as well as bring out any problem for which there is a predisposition. Even the AMA admits that stress can worsen 90% of health conditions.


We can’t eliminate stress from life, but we can strengthen our resistance to it so it doesn’t overwhelm us.  Several self-help techniques that I’ve used with great success include meditation with sound (mantra yoga), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Bach Flower Remedies, homeopathy and herbs.


Meditation can help you achieve emotional wellbeing in the long term. The style of meditation that I use is mantra yoga. Mantra means sound. Repeating a specific sound in your mind’s eye with the properties to “entrain” your brain waves into the calm and peaceful wavelength of relaxation can set up your entire day for a more peaceful experience.


Here’s how it’s done using a generic mantra that has been traced to ancient Hindu traditions. By the way, this is totally secular and does not conflict with any religion.


You can start in the morning and evening with as little as five minutes and work up to 20 minutes if you feel inclined. Twenty seems to be the magic number for me.


  1. Seated – not lying down.
  2. Stay comfortable with legs and arms uncrossed.
  3. You will be repeating the two syllables (sounds) HONG SAW in your mind’s eye. You will not say these out loud.
  4. You can breathe in with “HONG” and breathe out with “SAW,” but this is optional.
  5. Yawning means that you are releasing stress.


Don’t force anything. Don’t be concerned if thoughts distract you. Just let them pass through the screen of your mind. If you find yourself off in thought land, just come back to the Hong Saw when you realize it. Be kind to yourself. There is not a right or wrong way. If you itch, scratch. If you are uncomfortable, shift your position. Give it at least three full tries before you judge its effectiveness for you.


“Meditation actually changes your brain. The increased calm and quiet that you feel is not an imaginary effect. Neuroscientist Sara Lazar has used brain scans to look at the meditating brain. These show that long-term meditators have an increased amount of gray matter in the insula and sensory regions. They also have more grey matter in the frontal cortex, an area associated with memory and executive decision making.”1


Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is demonstrated in the website www.emofree.com. It can help you address anxiety by correcting the bioelectrical short-circuiting that can happen when stress becomes chronic.  Once you’ve learned this technique, it only takes a minute or two to apply and can be used anywhere for any circumstance.  From the tension headache to the angry reaction toward the guy who just cut you off in traffic.  EFT is a form of psychological acupressure, based on the same energy meridians used in traditional acupuncture for more that 5,000 years to treat physical and emotional ailments, but without the needles.


For quick fixes in an immediate situation, I carry the Bach Flower “Rescue” Remedy. This wonderful little tool is available in any health food store, online or at Whole Foods. A couple of drops under your tongue and the relaxing effect is almost immediate. Herbs and homeopathic remedies, as well as aromatherapy for all types of symptoms, are also favorites. There are lots of good information online about the properties of these remedies, but, like most other things, quality is everything. I use herbs exclusively from Medi-Herb, an Australian company. Its quality control is impeccable and unmatched by any other company that I’ve found.  I like several homeopathic companies; locally, I recommend the distributor “Arrowroot Natural Foods” in Bryn Mawr. It has trained staff to help you select an over-the-counter remedy.


There are times when stressors require the intervention of a professional. I recommend and use Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET), and Wholeness Energetics (WE). These are systems of energy medicine that facilitate a return to our natural state by removing our unconscious barriers to healing. Both of these systems use applied kinesiology to assist in discovering and eliminating blockages to health, vitality and peace. You can find out more at www.wholenessenergetics.com and on my site (www.drveronicacollings.com) under the dropdown for NET. There is also an audio interview about NET technique in which I participated with the developer, Dr. Scott Walker, in that same section.

Peace of mind, the most worthwhile of attributes, and it’s contagious. Get some and pass it on.



1 www.mercola.com





About the Author: Dr. Collings is an alternative health practitioner, she utilizes only natural remedies. Her offices are located at 120 W. Germantown Pike, Suite 210 in the Meetinghouse Business Center Plymouth Meeting, PA. For more information, visit her website: www.drveronicacollings.com.

Download this article as a PDF: “Emotional Well-being:  A Critical Component of the Triad of Health

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