About Dr. Collings

Dr. Collings is a 1995 summa cum laude graduate of the Pennsylvania College of Chiropractic. As a holistic health care provider, she utilizes only natural remedies.
Chiropractor and Alternative Medicine Expert 19462


After recovering her own health and losing four dress sizes, Dr. Veronica Collings has devoted the last 14 years to showing her patients how to get the same results without dangerous drugs or surgeries.


  • Live pain-free without dangerous drugs
  • Prevent and reverse accelerated metabolic aging
  • Lose excess fat, stop chronic dieting and eliminate cravings

You can transform your body, one step at a time, from a tired, toxic, sluggish, fat-storing depot into a nutritionally sound, pain-free, energetic, fat-burning dynamo using all natural methods that enhance your health.