“Greetings Dr. Collings.
I spoke with Carolyn recently and she mentioned you had asked how I was doing. I wanted to drop you a letter (long overdue) and let you know I am doing well – great actually!
I am still putting into practice all that you have taught me Dr. Collings. By learning about my different allergies to wheat, dairy, soy and rice, and being diligent in avoiding any foods containing these ingredients…my body has improved greatly. Yes, the scale has gone down (almost 25 pounds as of this morning) and my cholesterol work-up looks fantastic (cholesterol – 151 (down 35 points); Triglycerides – 66 (cut in half!); LDL – 91 (down from 115))! But it’s the amazing way I feel that is the best part in my eyes and no number on a scale or from my blood work could ever replace this feeling. My asthma has greatly improved (even within the first few weeks of seeing you, Dr. Collings), I can tell I am sleeping better and have more energy throughout the day – which is amazing since, as you know, in my line of work I have a 24-hour call schedule at times. I feel so in-tuned to my body’s reaction to foods, I can tell if I have something I shouldn’t. Many people keep asking me what I am doing, and I direct him or her to you. Unfortunately, working in traditional medicine for so many years, some people are still skeptical. This is is sad since I am living “proof” right in front of them!
In any case, I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know I am doing great and once my work schedule frees me up, I will be back for a ‘tune-up’. Thank you for your dedication to your field of expertise. All you have taught me has changed my life and I am forever grateful.
— Ann
“Dr. Collings did a fabulous job of diagnosing the Thyroid, Sugar and GLUTEN problem. I did the no sugar and gluten diet and felt wonderful results in about 4-5 days. Along with the diets I have taken supplements that she has prescribed for me and have lost weight about 12 pounds since September and more to come! I am able to work a 10 hour day which I could not work previously. AND I AM BACK TO GOLFING!
I am educated to my Gluten allergy and on Thanksgiving I had the traditional meal and then the leftovers on Friday. By Saturday my hands, hips, knees and ankles were in terrible pain all over again. So I now truly know I have NO interest in eating GLUTEN foods as it has serious consequences to my well being.
I have found many other ways to enjoy food and snacks and will continue to make these life changes because I am unable to be off 2 asthma inhalers, Singulair, I no longer use Meloxicam for pain. My allergies are minimal and my asthma is non-existent.
In closing, let me say I am an average 58 year old woman who never thought I would change my way of eating and use supplements in place of medications but Dr. Collings has proven herself to me to be an expert in her field and I give all the credit to her for giving me my health back in 2011, an otherwise difficult year for me! I will continue to visit Dr. Collings as needed and look forward to a fantastic 2012 in which I will have my first Grandson and be able to actually spend quality time with him because my health is good! THANK YOU DR. COLLINGS FOR YOUR WONDERFUL WORK.”
— Margaret