Weight Management & Fitness

Chiropractor, Dr. Veronica Collings

Weight Management

We believe most people lose the battle of the bulge because they are fighting the wrong enemy.


Instead of fighting fat, we support your body’s ability to remain lean, healthy and strong. For an example of this, read Paul Ames’ testimonial here.


We do this by restoring your fat burning capacity. This is accomplished by shifting your metabolism from fat storage to fat burning. We start with a two week program to balance your blood sugar called the Sugar Control Program. Please view some excerpts from this program on our attached video and read more about it here.


By analyzing your nutritional deficiencies and excesses using a 224 question “Symptom Survey” we support your overall function to include all the other hormones, glands and organs that affect your body composition and metabolism.


Now you are ready to lose weight. Joe McQuillan did just that last year after a lifelong battle with obesity — he lost 130 lbs. in 2009. Joe thought he was addicted to food but he was just physically addicted to sugar as many of us are. The Sugar Control Program broke that addiction in just 2 weeks.



For overall fitness, improved metabolism for a healthier you, posture correction, and increased muscle density I recommend Teresa Tapp. T-Tapp incorporates isometric exercise with compound muscle movements so effectively that in just 15 minutes 4 times per week you will achieve the results people spend hours in the gym to approximate.

Depending on your needs, we use the Egoscue Method of exercise for rehabilitation and pain,Sittingsafe and Backsafe programs for preventing further problems and Body by Science body-building technology of high intensity training (HIT) for your optimum fitness. For more information on HIT read “How 30 Minutes per Week Can Make You Look and Feel Younger on the Dance Floor.”