Total Body Modification

What Is Total Body Modification?

TBM (Total Body Modification) is a technique that is used to find the organ or area of the body that is stressed, determine why it is stressed and correct the problem by restoring balance to the nervous system.

In other words, while basic chiropractic is used to correct the structure and influence the function, TBM corrects the functional physiology (how the body works) which may, in turn, influence structure. Both are essential to optimum health.

In the early days of chiropractic, the “old time chiropractor” was not restricted in what they were able to do. If these old masters found a problem, they corrected it, thereby building a reputation of chiropractic with their main philosophy being that the power that made the body could correct the body.

TBM has taken that philosophy and explored the possibilities inherent in the human body of self-regeneration. TBM has demonstrated that if the right thing is done to the body at the right time and the right way, wonders can happen. By taking the techniques of the old chiropractic masters and combining them with modern technology, TBM has been able to duplicate the corrections and restoration of health that the old masters were able to do.

How Does TBM Work?

The nervous system is composed of the Central Nervous System which runs the voluntary functions or movements and the Autonomic Nervous System which runs the involuntary functions of the body, such as heart beat, digestion, etc. Each of these systems are further divided into Sensory and Motor Fibres.

The brain is the primary control for both branches of the nervous system. Sensory fibers carry messages to the brain where they are processed, like a computer, and the brain in turn, tells the body what to do.

Research has proved that under sufficient stress, from any reason, the neurons in the brain centers which are controlling the stressed organ or body part essentially depolarize. This is like blowing a fuse on an electric circuit. The message gets to the brain but fails to return. The result is that the brain (computer) loses effective control over the afflicted organ or body part. This leaves the organ or body part running out of control.

Using tried and tested reflex points and muscle testing, the TBM practitioner can find the problem. The practitioner will then stimulate a specific area or areas of the spine in a specific manner in an attempt to stimulate the neurons in the brain to repolarize (fix the fuse) and allow the brain to regain control of the body and guide it back to health. Since a correctly functioning nervous system is a major requirement for health, it follows that TBM can have a part of play in almost any problem and uncover and correct the roadblocks to recovery.

TBM Research

Through the efforts and thinking of many innovators within the chiropractic profession, a body of knowledge and repeatable technical procedures has emerged to correct what is termed functional physiological malfunctions.

Over the years scientific data has validated much of what began as a theory. But the results that have been attained have given the impetus, the confidence and the desire to find out more about how the body really works. Research is an ongoing activity in TBM and each year brings new discoveries.