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If people paid attention to their small health problems they wouldn’t have large health problems. – Chinese proberb

The Symptom Survey is used to determine your nutritional needs for health optimization. It is the fastest, most comprehensive, and most effective way of assessing deficiencies or excesses in your diet. Deficiencies and excesses reflect in the way your body functions and how you feel.

The Symptom Survey Form has 224 commonly found symptoms arranged in 9 groups. For example, Group 5 is composed of symptoms related to problems in the gall bladder and liver. From your responses, I can determine what whole food supplements or herbs I can recommned to support that system and allow your body to restore its normal balance and function.

A balanced body functioning at its optimum with complete physical, mental and social well-being can start here with proper nutritional support. Health is more than being free of symptoms, it’s being full of life and energy-being fully alive!

Here’s how it works. You take the survey. I analyze your responses and call you. We discuss your results and I make recommendations based on the findings and your priorities. I mail you the supplements and we retest in 60 days! It’s that easy.

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