The Electromagnetic You

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Vivian Beiswenger, our publisher, recently mentioned that she was interested in understanding some of the basic principles behind the alternative techniques used in my office. They are used to balance what I call the “triad of health.” This triad is composed of your body’s structure, chemistry and even emotions. She then suggested that it might be a good topic for a column so that her readers could benefit from understanding these options in their own pursuits of optimum health. Many thousands of practitioners are using these techniques world-wide with very little understanding by the general public of what they do. How the field of “electromagnetic medicine” can benefit you is the purpose of this month’s column.


The O-Ring Test

I was lucky enough to have studied with one of the founders of this type of healing, Dr. George Goodheart. Dr. Goodheart used to say that we are electromagnetic creatures. He would demonstrate this by using O-ring testing. The patient would hold the tip of the second, third or fourth finger against the tip of the thumb, forming an O-ring. He would then test the strength of the muscles by trying to pry open the ring with two hands. In most people, it would test strong and could not be pulled apart. This test could be used to test a patient’s entire body. When a tester would touch a spot on the patient that was dysfunctional or diseased and, at the same time, try to pry open the O-ring, it would open easily.


If a noxious substance were placed on the person, something to which he/she might be allergic or sensitive, the O-ring would also weaken. Conversely, a weakened response could be strengthened by a supportive food supplement, homeopathy (subject for another article), or herb, for instance. This phenomenon, part of what is known as applied kinesiology, depends entirely on the fact that we are electromagnetic creatures. Considered almost witchcraft therapy at first, applied kinesiology testing in all its variations, of which the O-ring test is one, is now practiced world-wide with astonishing results.


The Japanese electrical engineer and physician, Yoshiaki Omura, MD, ScD, actually applied for and won a patent on Bi-Digital O-Ring Testing (BDORT). Omura has trained thousands of doctors and even hospitals. It is used extensively in Europe and Asia, while it is still considered “fringe” in the U.S. If you think BDORT may be a little on the crazy side, take 30 minutes to watch a video on your computer that will blow your mind. Watch doctors pinpoint disease and match their BDORT findings with the most sophisticated medical tests. Go to and click on “BDORT information.” Then go to the bottom and click on “Click here” to read about the test. Play the video and prepare to discover that what George Goodheart said, decades ago, is 100% true. We are, indeed, electromagnetic creatures.


Our electromagnetic makeup can be tapped into easily to map out and utilize treatment strategies that will work with no side effects and at a cost thousands of times below standard medical care. I practice several of these treatment strategies in my office and you can find out more about each one on the following pages: Total Body Modification (TBM), and Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET) are the primary two. I use these to target the structure, chemistry, and emotions – the components of the triad of health that I mentioned earlier.


Once you realize that we are electromagnetic, you can begin to understand that the basic nature of living things is energy. Not only human beings, but animal and plants are also electromagnetic at their core. Perhaps you can make the connection regarding why whole foods and whole food supplements that are processed to maintain their life (electrical) force are the only compatible nutrition for the human body. Manmade chemicals sold as “vitamins” which are then primarily excreted through the kidneys as fast as possible don’t have the electromagnetic resonance to be compatible with “life.” That is why processed “dead” food is not going to support life’s vibrations, part of the electromagnetic you.


In past issues, I advocated foods that are as close to fresh picked as possible and supplements that maintain their original whole composition to provide you with as much of that electromagnetic energy as possible. Perhaps this brief explanation can help make some of my previous articles easier to understand, as well.


Enjoy the “good vibrations” and see you on the dance floor.


This article was first published in The Delaware Valley Dance Spotlight, September/October 2011. It is the sole work of its author, Dr. Veronica Collings DC.


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