Seasonal Allergies: Feel Better Year Round

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A properly functioning body that is well adapted to its environment does not have allergies. How to best support proper function to help your body adapt as we rapidly approach the most challenging allergy season, you ask?


Allergy Medicine: Suppressing Symptoms, Not Curing

It’s not by taking a bunch of drugs to suppress your symptoms. Yes, you can do this for a while, but at what cost for “the easy way out” and how easy is it, really? Well, you have to keep taking the drugs because they aren’t fixing the underlying disability. You are still not interpreting your environment properly – you are just suppressing your body’s symptoms, short term. Of course, then there are the nefarious side effects that nobody wants to discuss except in the small print or rapidly at the end of the commercial. So, let’s say that you don’t care about the long-term damage that the drugs cause. Even so, it’s still well worth the effort to fix the problem, once and for all, rather than have to deal with it, year after year, allergy season after allergy season. You will feel better, overall, by correcting the cause.


Making Your Immune System Smarter

The absence of symptoms is not the same as the presence of radiant health. I propose that you seek the latter. This is how. As I already suggested, allergies are a misinterpretation by your body’s immune system of what is friend or foe. Your immune system is there to protect you and to go after foes like bacteria, viruses, protozoa, etc. When it reacts to pollen, ragweed, or your cat instead, it is making a mistake. How do you straighten it out ? By giving your immune system what it needs to work intelligently.


According to Dr. Victor Frank, the developer of Total Body Modification, the three primary supports for your immune system and, thereby, allergy elimination are:


1. Getting and staying fully hydrated (see my article on “The Water Cure,” for exact guidelines.


2. Getting and keeping your blood sugar balanced. This not only supports allergy elimination, but also 78 other metabolic functions. Learn how from my article entitled “Weight Loss and Sugar Balance.”


3. Getting and utilizing essential fats such as the much highly, and rightfully so, praised Omega 3 oils. My favorite sources are Standard Process Cataplex F Tablets and Calamari oil or Nordic Naturals DHA and EPA oil. More information about Standard Process is available on my “Whole Food Supplements” page.


Important note: if you eat processed foods that contain hydrogenated oils or other fake fats, these products actually block the utilization of essential fats – one more critical reason to eat “Real Food.”


In addition to the above three items, I suggest that you consult a Total Body Modification practitioner to help your body better understand its environment. More information about TBM is available at


So what do you do for your symptoms while you are in the process of transforming your health, applying the above-mentioned suggestions? There are several natural products that work with your body very successfully to make you feel better right away. My favorite is Standard Process’ “Allerplex.” This product is a complex of nutrients that support (not suppress) your lungs and your liver to eliminate toxins such the byproducts of histamine overreaction. This helps to eliminate the discomfort while supporting normal function. Heel’s “Allergy” and “Sinusin” homeopathic tablet and spray formulation are also very effective and non-invasive ways to feel better. Even if you just trade in your drugs for the above three suggestions because you are not ready go all the way with the lifestyle changes, you will still be doing your body the great service of supporting it instead of suppressing it. Good luck with the upcoming seasonal challenges and I hope to see you “hanky free” on the dance floor.


This article was first published in The Delaware Valley Dance Spotlight, March/April 2012. It is the sole work of its author, Dr. Veronica Collings DC.

Download & Print this article as a PDF: Seasonal Allergies: Feel Better Year Round

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