The Truth About Cancer, The Quest For The Cures

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The life-saving information that has been on the fringes of the cancer industry for decades is finally available to you. It has been compiled into a cohesive and easy-to-assimilate format. A seven-episode, 10-hour DVD series was produced by the first organization independent of pharmaceutical interests to investigate cancer cures, the Independent Cancer Research Foundation (ICRF).

Why should you care? Catastrophically enough, the current estimates are that one in two men and one in three women will get cancer. You or someone you know will need this information in your lifetime. Think of it as a fire drill. If cancer strikes, you’ll be prepared. Of course, prevention is, by far, the best approach. In the program, a plethora of preventive methods are presented. The cancer patients that applied these strategies did not suffer the fate of the “five-year recurrence,” which so many conventionally treated cancer patients experience.

We can no longer depend on cancer “treatment” whose science is based on chemical warfare agents from WWI, burning radiation which also, like chemo, causes cancer (Madame Curie killed herself, experimenting with it, thinking it was safe), and cutting out  diseased organs until there’s nothing left to mutilate for a “cure.”
I had the luxury of being given this series as a free preview in digital format that played on my phone. It was very user-friendly to watch/listen to while I went about my life. Even though it was a huge amount of material, it was easy to wrap my head around. It was very well produced and, despite the difficult subject, very entertaining. This is because it was so inspiring that I couldn’t put it down. In all fairness, since health is my profession and my passion, I’m sure I enjoyed it more than most. However, I am also in a better position to be critical. It is my critical understanding that I am sharing with you now.
Here’s what you can expect to get from this program: (1) understanding why cancer has reached epic proportions worldwide, (2) what’s different now than just 100 years ago and (3) what you can do about it. The first steps to preventing and curing cancer is understanding exactly what it is, how it forms, and what is currently offered by most mainstream doctors as treatments. In Episode 1, you’ll be looking at the Cancer Pandemic.
Episode 2 asks the question: Are You Immune? When most of us think about our immune system, we generally just relate to getting sick like catching a cold. This episode teaches you how important your immune system is for fighting, destroying, and preventing the development of cancer and many other diseases. You’ll learn how to build your immune system, what causes it to break down, and what you can do about it. Episode 3 addresses a term that I often use: Franken-Foods & Cancer Causers. This episode alone is worth the price of admission. I’ll be able to share this with you for free. As part of my purchase of DVDs to play in my reception area, I also got the rights to share the digital format with my friends. So contact me when you want your free copy.
Episode 4, Spoiled Rotten, is about specific detoxifying methods for keeping you cancer free. Up to this point, it’s a pretty good summary to use the lines I use in my practice: toxins out, good nutrients in, as the basis of health.
Episode 5, Eating Away at Cancer, turns the tables around on our old nemesis. You hear “cancer is eating away at your body.” This episode will show you proven methods to reverse this so that you’re eating away at cancer instead. Yes, more on nutrition, but at this point, who doesn’t get it that “you are what you eat.”
Episode 6 features the many doctors who have contributed to the show and exactly what approaches they would personally undertake if they were confronted with cancer.
Finally, Episode 7 showcases the many inspirational cancer cures by patients who had been declared terminal and found their way outside the box.
Many of the doctors, scientists, researchers and even lay people who have cleared the path for many cancer cures about which I’ve been reading over the years were featured in this program. This allowed me to “meet them” and expand my understanding of their approaches and successes. For you, it will consolidate my nearly 20-year study of this work into 10 hours. Granted, there are some luminaries in alternative cancer treatment hall of fame missing from this show; however, if you take this information in as it is intended, you’ll never fear the word cancer again.
For more information on this program, go to or call my office with your e-mail address. I will forward the program to you. See you on the dance floor.
This article was first published in The Delaware Valley Dance Spotlight, July/August 2014. It is the sole work of its author, Dr. Veronica Collings DC. 

Download this article as a PDF: “The Truth About Cancer, The Quest For The Cures”

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