Weight Loss & Sugar Balance

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This column is dedicated to improving your health and fitness with the same natural techniques that I have employed in my wellness practice since 1995.

Over the years, fellow dancers have asked me how do I “stay so thin,” how do I “have so much energy,” how do I “stay so fit”? In between partners, while standing in line at mixers, I’ve tried to blurt out some of my successful actions. Needless to say, that has not been the most successful vehicle for sharing the information that has not only greatly contributed to my personal health, but also to the health and wellness of hundreds of my patients.


Sugar Control And Weight Loss

Fast forward to present time…Vivian, our esteemed editor, was incredulous of how it was possible to be exercising with the assistance of a personal trainer 3-5 days per week for 1-3 hours per day for five months and only managing to lose three pounds. Since, for a change, we actually had some time to talk, I shared with her my “secrets of weight loss.” You see, after recovering my own health and losing four dress sizes, years ago, I have devoted my practice to showing my patients how to do the same. Therefore, I talked with Vivian about the value of “The Sugar Control Program,” developed by Dr. Victor Frank for TBM Seminars. This is the start of the journey. There is a two-week dietary restriction of sugars and starches following a gentle adjustment aimed at balancing blood sugar and promoting weight loss. This is made possible by shifting the hormonal balance in one’s bloodstream from insulin to glucagon, the fat-burning hormone. These hormones control many functions and need to be in a delicate balance. Among many of the deleterious effects of too much insulin is the promotion of fat storage. Lowering levels of insulin, achieved by reducing simple starches and sugars, contributes more to weight loss than caloric restriction. So the two-week goal is to promote a reduction of insulin so glucagon can get back in the game. I realize that this is a much-abbreviated explanation, so bear with me, I will offer you an opportunity at understanding the program entirely and clearly at the end.

Vivian, having already tried everything she knew, gave it a shot and lost three pounds in the five days (compared to three pounds in five months). This inspired us to track her progress publicly in this forum.


The two-week program is the first step in a process to regain control of your weight, improve wellbeing, reverse premature aging and prevent degenerative disease. What makes this program superior to traditional sugar and starch restrictions is that the adjustment prior to starting has the effect of eliminating cravings and reducing the appetite so it is dramatically easier than it would be to just go “cold turkey” breaking a sugar addiction (Lick the Sugar Habit by Nancy Appleton, Ph D).


After the two weeks, if weight loss is your goal, many different “diets” will work. Once your insulin production is under control, weight loss is much easier. In fact, if you only have a few pounds to lose, you really don’t have to do much more than just follow your new lower appetite requirements. Sticking as much as possible to “real food” rather than processed food will allow weight to come off more easily.


In our next article, in addition to tracking Vivian’s success, we’ll look at another huge player in weight loss as well as hundreds of other effects on your health, the underactive thyroid gland.


If you don’t want to wait, and would like to join Vivian in her quest for stable weight loss, or to just better understand the “Sugar Control Program,” please call my office at (610) 828-9634.


For now, let’s wish Vivian good luck and, if you see me on the dance floor, say hello.


This article was first published in The Delaware Valley Dance Spotlight, January/February, 2010. It is the sole work of its author, Dr. Veronica Collings DC.


Download & Print this article as a PDF: Weight Loss & Sugar Balance.

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